Arctic Elite Spectacles, Clear, Indoor/Humid Conditions



LEnS CoLoR/TInTSAmberClearLight or Dark BrownGradientGrayIndoor/outdoorMirrorUSEGood for low-light conditions, especially at dawn/dusk and on foggy days. Increases contrast and enhances detail. Ideal lens for operations requiring optimum contrast of similar or small objects.General purpose lens for indoor use, or outdoor use in low-light conditions. Provides maximum light transmission.Enhances perception in changing light and shadow. Good for low light conditions. Allows easy transition from inside to outside with same pair of glasses. Ideal for use while driving.Most popular lens tint for outdoor use. Protects against visible glare without color degradation. Good choice for outdoor work, such as construction and landscaping.Offers the same benefits as light mirror,but also allows easy transition from inside to outside with same pair of glasses. Ideal lens for occupations such as forklift drivers,dock workers, and truck drivers.LEnS CoLoR/TInTSLight Mirror Polarized Rich Mirror Shade 5 IRVe rmillion Blue Blocker USE Reduces glare and bright sunlight by reflecting light away from the lens. Enhances contrast without color degradation. Good general purpose lens for outdoor use. Reduces intense sunglare reflected off shiny surfaces such as snow,water, sand and pavement. Improves contrast and depth perception. Great foroutdoor use; not good for use while driving.Superior glare reduction with heavymirroring. Great lens for outdoor use in full sun conditions—favored by outdoor workers such as roofers, landscaper sand builders. Protects against low to medium infrared (IR)radiation up to Shade5. Good choice formetal pouring, gas soldering, cutting and brazing operations.Alleviates eye strain and fatigue by reducing glare caused by fluorescent and halogen lighting. Enhances contrast byabsorbing all colorsequally. Good choicefor inspection opera-tions or assembly work.Blocks High-Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as bluelight (~400-500 nm).Blue light has beenlinked to certain eyediseases (such as macular degeneration)and to the suppression of melatonin (a hormone that helps regulate other hormones and stabilizes sleep patterns). Sightgard Protective Eye wear Sight gard® Protective Eyewear Eyewear Features MSA Sightgard Protective Eyewear line offers great styles – great options – great value:• Anti-fog coating and/or UV 400 additive offered on many styles.• Anti-scratch coating provides excellent scratch resistance,extending lens life—a “must have” in abrasive work environments.• Horizontal (sliding) or vertical (ratchet) temple adjustment models offer custom fit.• Soft rubber nose bridges offer comfortable, non-slip support.• Flexible rubber-tipped temples provide comfortable, all-day wear in


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