MSA Advantage® 420 Series Half Mask Air Purifying Respirator


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MSA Advantage® 420 Series Small Half Mask Twin Port Black Air Purifying Respirator features patent-pending UniBond over-molded one-piece silicone Facepiece eliminating the possible leak paths. Respirator is rendered with user-friendly features comprising maximum comfort, improved donning and fit, enhanced safety and reduced maintenance cost. Respirator featuring drop-down harness position permits the user to remove while retaining head protection. Latex-free respirator minimizes the risk of adverse individual irritation and comes with textured inner Facepiece seal which reduces slippage, improves fit. One-piece ComforTop cradle headband cuts down pressure points when head protection is worn. This respirator easily switches between lock-down and drop-down mode and is patterned for easy integration with other personal protective equipment. It is used in a variety of applications namely asbestos abatement, welding, sanding and grinding, painting and more.


Head harness and facepiece integrate well with other PPE
Drop-down harness position allows respirator to be removed while retaining head protection
One-piece ComforTop cradle headband eliminates pressure points when head protection is worn improved donning and fit
AnthroCurve II multi-ethnic face seal based upon new proposed NIOSH test panel improves fit-testing among diverse workforce
Patent pending lock down harness position allows a personal fit without further user adjustments
No loose or dangling straps to impede operation or vision
Latex free

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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