Workman CSE Kit, 50′ Workman Rescuer, 65′ Workman Winch, Stainless Steel Cable, (2) Pulleys, (2) Carabiners ( version)


Workman Confined Space Kit ComponentsWorkman WinchThe Workman Winch is rugged, versatile and economical for lifting, lowering andpositioning of personnel and materials within confined space applications. Designed formaximum 400 lb. (181 kg) workload for personnel and 620 lb. (281 kg) for materials(20:1 design factor), the Workman Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing toensure high performance within the harshest environments. Winch offers integral,ergonomic carry grip and unique, foldable handle for simple storage. Patent-pendingbracket design allows for easy, rapid assembly.Features & Benefits• Maximum workload of 400 lbs. (181 kg) for personnel, 620 lbs. (281 kg) for materials• Patent-pending bracket attachment for easy installation• Ergonomic carry grip• Foldable crank handle• Includes integral RFID technology• Includes self-locking swivel 36C snaphook• ANSI Z359.1-compliantWorkman RescuerExclusive integral bracket uses existing tripod pin, resulting in fewer components toattach or become damaged or misplaced. Fall protection/retrieval mode knob simplypulls and rotates to activate. Use this device as a component of a confined space systemfor one application and as a standard self-retracting lanyard for another.• Experienced and novice users will learn setup and operation quickly and effectively• Comparable size and weight to competitive products• Great for OGP turnarounds, construction, utilities, and other confined space applications• Product label’s QR code offers instant access to setup video and additional informationFeatures & Benefits• User capacity up to 400 lbs. for personnel• Stainless steel Ø 316” (5 mm) wire rope• Integral mounting bracket• Color-coded switch for retrieval mechanism activation• Ergonomic, stainless steel carrying handlecan also be used as anchorage connection point• Built-in shock absorber• Robust aluminum housing with thermoplastic bumpers• Self-locking swivel snaphook with load indicator• Stow-able, foldable crank handle• RFID-enabled• Meets OSHA regulations and ANSI Z359.14Workman WinchCABLE10147301Workman Winch, stainless steel cable, 65 ft. (20 m)10153757Workman Winch, galvanized cable, 65 ft. (20 m)10154684Workman Winch, stainless steel cable, 95 ft. (29 m)10154686Workman Winch, galvanized cable, 95 ft. (29 m)SYNTHETIC ROPE10148277Workman Winch, synthetic rope, 65 ft. (20 m)Workman RescuerCABLE10158178Workman Rescuer, stainless steel cable, 50 ft. (15 m),ANSI10158180Workman Rescuer, stainless steel cable, 50 ft. (15 m), CSASYNTHETIC ROPE10159755Workman Rescuer, synthetic rope, 50 ft. (15 m), ANSIP/N 10148277

MSAsafety.com3MSA Latchways® Retrieval SRLInnovative and fail-safe self-retracting lifeline is IP58-rated and complete with retrievalwinch. When connected to this device, a worker has reassuring continuous hands-freefall protection with unhindered mobility. Audible clicking of the Latchways RetrievalSRL indicates continuous correct functioning, even within the harshest of environments.The Latchways Retrieval SRL also offers exceptionally-low cost of ownership.Features & Benefits• User capacity up to 310 lbs. (140 kg) including tools• 50 ft. (15 m), Ø 316” (Ø 5 mm) stainless steel cable• Integral mounting bracket• Constant Force® Technology frictionless energy-absorbing mechanism• Full Contact™ locking pawls• Modular design• Ingress protection rating IP68• Self-locking swivel snap hook with load indicator• Meets EN, OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standardsWorkman Confined Space Entry KitsMSA tripods make confined space entry with vertical descent easy.The Workman Tripod features internal leg-locking mechanism,maximum height indicator on tripod legs, cut-resistant leg pinretention chains, recessed product labels, reduced weight, and integral carry strap. The Workman Tripod can be set up and dismantled without use of tools.• Automatic hinge lock legs with incremental adjustment• Skid-resistant feetComplete confined space entry kits are designed for multiple confined space applications.• Kits provide non-entry rescue of confined space entrant and great portability.• Kits allow for lifting and lowering of materials and personnelvia winch or hoist.• Kits allow for use of SRL.A Confined Space Entry Kit makes it easy to order a confinedspace system. Kit features:• Single part number for simplified ordering.• Workman Rescuer for non-entry rescue of confined space entrant.• Workman Winch for lifting, lowering and positioning of personnel and materials.• Carry bags for easy portability.• Pulleys and carabiners.


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