Sticky back Mats


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Needle-punch polypropylene sorbent with a poly coated backing mixed with adhesive.

• Sticks firmly to the floor and leaves no residue after retrieval.
• Won’t slide or buckle, which prevents accidents.
• Cut to size for various aisle lengths.
• Light weight for easy transport and deployment.
• Wet-vac, brush, or vacuum our product for continued use.
• Sticks and removes from the floor with ease.
• Fabric collects oil, dirt, mud, and rainwater.
• Low-profile design great for preventing tripping.
• Durable geotextile is an excellent anti-fatigue matting.
• Great for work stations and entrance ways.
• Impermeable poly backing stops liquids from leeching through to the floor.
• Holds up to foot and forklift traffic.

Our adhesive poly-backed mats absorb:
• Oils
• Coolants
• Solvents
• Water

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30"x100', 36×100', 30"x50', Needle Punch Heavy 36"x150', Rag Rug Heavy 36"x150', Needle-Punch Light36"x100'


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