Skullgard Protective Hat White – w/ Fas-Trac III Suspension, Standard


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Skullgard Caps and Hats are designed for use in grueling conditions. They have been tested toradiant heat loads producing temperatures up to, but not exceeding, 350 ̊F.

Classification: Type I, Top Impact

Application: General purpose, elevated temperature1

Market(s): Steel mills, welding, construction, open-pit mining, oil/gas/petrochemical refineries, rubber manufacturing, steam tunnels

Shell Material: Phenolic

Available Styles: Non-slotted Cap, Non-slotted Full-Brim Hat, and Non-Slotted Cap or Hat w/ lamp bracket and cord holder

Sizes: Cap: Standard (612– 8″); Large (7– 812“)Hat: Standard (612– 8″)

Standards: ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 (Class G)Requirements for

Reverse donning

Optional Features:

Higher temperature (HT)

Lower temperature (LT)

Hi-Viz (HV, as indicated)

Certification: Third-party by SEI

Customization: Imprinting and striping available. Imprinting location on Skullgard helmets limited to the front only.A minimum order quantity of 16 Skullgard helmets of the same color, style and suspension selection is required.


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