MRO100 Plus™ Universal Heavy Pad

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MRO Universal Pads, 15″ x 19″, Heavy Weight, Case/100

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MRO Plus™ products are sure to become a staple in your facility. Strong, durable and low linting, these are the perfect everyday go-to products for nearly every industrial setting. The MRO Plus™ Heavy Pad absorbs all industrial liquids (water, petroleum-based and chemical-based fluids). 3-ply construction makes it stronger, more durable and reduces lint. Gray color masks drips and spills, dimpled, perfed so you can take only what you need and reduce waste, full sized, heavy weight pad. For use with oil and water-based fluids.

  • Universal absorbency – picks up water-based, petroleum-based and non-aggressive, chemical fluids
  • Heavy weight – specifically designed for continuous leaks and larger spills
  • 3-ply meltblown polypropylene construction is designed for general industrial applications
  • Perforated – perforations provide cost control and reduce waste by allowing you to use only what you need
  • Dimpled construction – dimpling increases overall durability
  • Fire-resistant and environmentally-friendly

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Additional information

Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 15.5 × 16.25 in


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