Bump Test Station, X-am 1/2/5000 w/o gas cylinder


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The Draeger 8319131 Bump Test and Calibration Station is for the Draeger X-am 2000, the Draeger X-am 2500, the X-am 5000, and the X-am 5600 4-Gas Monitors. The unit functions automatically, taking effort and worry away from making sure your Draeger multi-gas detector is fully operational. Whether you need a quick bump test or accurate calibration, the Draeger Bump Test Station is one of the most reliable on the market.

What makes this station so effective is how quickly it calibrates or provides bump tests. It’s able to give you a bump test in about 12 seconds, and can calibrate in 40 seconds. Customers also appreciate the significant cost savings of having a bump test station that gets nearly 600 bumps out of a 58L cylinder, compared to the 200 or so from competitive systems. What’s great, too, is that this station is intrinsically safer because no electricity is required. This way you can calibrate in areas with some risk of explosion.

This station is very portable, incredibly easy to use, and saves your workers time. Draeger is one of the most trusted names among confined space and oil companies because they have the track record to back them up. Since the 1800s they’ve been continually developing new technologies to make readings on their equipment faster and more accurate, making your work more efficient and safe.

Key Features:

  • No electricity needed
  • Economical
  • Works with X-am 2000, 2500, 5000, and 5600 models
  • Compatible with standard 58L or 103L mixed gas cylinders
  • Provides extremely fast calibrations and bump tests
  • Gets 600 bumps out of a 58L cylinder

Total Weight:
4.96 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in


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